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IRS Trouble

Do you have a tax issue in your past that keeps you up at night? Have you experienced anxiety, nervousness, loss of appetite, even depression due to the lingering IRS situation? Are you just waiting for the day when that letter comes in the mail? Has the letter already arrived? IRS problems can negatively affect your physical and mental health. Frustrated with the IRS?

Don't wait around and hope the problem goes away. Federal or state income tax problems are one of those situations that will NOT go away by ignoring it. To be honest, the problems with the IRS will only get bigger; penalties and interest on any back taxes will continue to add up daily until it's resolved. Don't make things worse and more difficult to run from.

If you have received a letter from the IRS, don't fight those tax issues or problems alone. Many times the IRS is NOT correct in their assessment of your return. Don't just write them a check if you are not certain to why they want more of YOUR money! The IRS will do whatever it takes to collect your debt; have someone on your side.

An audit and other IRS tax problems are one of life's most troublesome financial issues. The Government can legally place bank levies on your funds, perform property seizures, they can even garnish wages right out of your check. Let Fredrick Tax help guide you before it's too late!

You deserve to be stress free when it comes to past tax situations. Get that IRS problem resolved! Don't face an audit or tax problem alone!

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