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Tax Planning

Have you been giving Uncle Sam $1000's of dollars you should have kept in your pocket?
  • Tax Planning Services
  • Income tax planning
  • Filing old tax returns
  • Assessing and Amending past returns to correct mistakes and allow you to capture the maximum refund
  • Retirement questions and planning help
  • General Tax questions and tax advice
  • Questions about retirement (401k, Traditional and Roth IRA's, 403b) and investments (index funds, ETFs, stock options, etc)
  • Tax Payment Resolution guidance
  • Education, Home, and other tax credits
  • Rental Property and Real Estate Tax Returns and Planning
  • Self-employed Tax Returns and Planning

Our tax preparation service also includes expert advice about your tax situation including steps you can take now to get more deductions for next year.

Many experts say that social security and blindly throwing money into a 401k will not be enough to cover the cost of living for the majority of individuals. Do you still think it's too early to start thinking about tomorrow? If you have questions in your life that involves the planning of financial security, contact Fredrick Tax.

Fredrick Tax continuously monitors federal, state, and local tax law changes to allow its clients to minimize current and future tax liabilities. If necessary, we can implement tailor-made tax assessments and plan to prevent costly interest and penalties, and have peace of mind when it comes to next year's tax bill.