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Fredrick Tax provides tax return services for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Personal Tax Returns Like most U.S. citizens, the idea of preparing your taxes is the furthest thing from your mind, and the thought of the annual tax chore makes you want to spend as little time on it as possible. You are never quite sure what kind of tax return to expect? Not really sure if you are eligible for additional tax relief? Are you sure you pressed all the correct buttons in the off-the-shelf software package? One wrong click can cost you thousands!

Do you ever wonder how much experience the tax preparer at the "big box store" has? Not much! Many times, they have less experience than you do! They very well could have been flipping burgers 2 months ago. These big box tax companies treat you like a number to meet their quotas. Your return is placed on an assembly line style system, where fast is best. They are taught to not investigate too deep, don't uncover any "grey" areas that you may in fact deserve!

Fredrick Tax will work diligently to take advantage of all the available tax credits that are legally yours! Don't go year after year paying the government more than you legally owe!