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Tax Planning

With the amount of tax laws that are out there and with a government that changes rules every year, your tax situation and overall path to wealth should not be traveled alone. We all know that the tax rules are extremely complicated and the system is close to broken. But let those complicated tax rules work to your advantage! Fredrick Tax will use every law that applies to you in order to squeeze every penny out of your tax return. It is YOUR money.

Everyoneís circumstances are different, but those tax rules are the same for everyone. Let someone help guide you through that Ö

We Do

Fredrick Tax focuses on your tax preparation and financial guidance for all personal, family, and small business needs.

Personal Tax Planning

Donít just leave all your future financial success to luck? Donít let that IRS letter go unanswered! Let us help!

Donít just be a number at the big box stores! A majority of the tax preparerís salary is commission based! I know; I worked there! The idea at the big chains is to pump you through as fast as possible without digging into all the advantages that the tax code provides. It is not in their best interest to spend additional time helping you or answering your questions. They want you signed and out of there. Not at Fredrick Tax. There is no commission, hidden fees, or extra charges for additional forms. You will never get away with that at the chain stores. The more complicated, the more you pay.

Business Tax Planning

A very affordable, upfront fee structure makes the process less stressful, so you can get onto the more important reason for the interest.

Here, we learn the latest tax laws in order to understand each individualís tax situation.